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Reviews 47

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December 18, 2019

So a year ago we got hacked with .ryk ransomware. We’ve been handled by another company that:

1. Took a very long time to recover

2. Had a very bad customer service

3. Didn’t provide Last month we got hacked again.

The initial company DIDN’T provide any follow up service so our infrastructure wasn’t ready for it (obviously). Monstercloud took over and had live updates every few hours. The system was up and running within 48 hours. They also provided a follow up service, backups, firewalls and everything else needed to protect our business in the future. They’ve also assisted with the thousands of questions coming from the insurance company that tried to avoid paying in any way possible. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND MONSTERCLOUD! Why? Because they got the work done understanding that timing and confidentiality are crucial!

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